2.20.0 (August 7, 2022)


  • Added: Guest bookings can be optionally enabled by the administrator. When enabled, users can create object bookings for guests (people who are not present as users in Flexopus) with their names and email addresses.

Admin Side

    • Added: The map editor has received a major update with an even more intuitive interface. Furniture and other special objects can be managed additionally and the layer order can be defined (front/back).
    • Added: A new sidebar menu design has been added for easier navigation.
    • Added: It is now possible to upload the SAML2 metadata as an XML file.
    • Added: Group synchronization via SAML2 for providers that support sending the groups with the user data (e.g.: Microsoft AD FS, Keycloak) is now possible.
    • Added: An API endpoint for importing users using a file has been added. It is now possible to generate an API token for this feature in the Integration settings section.
    • Added: The FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) libraries used can be viewed in the admin area.
    • Added: Added a setting to enable/disable email notifications for permanently assigned object bookings. 
    • Added: The iCalendar file attachment (ics file) can be enabled/disabled in booking email notifications.
    • Added: It is now possible to disable/enable users via the user import function.
    • Fixed: Better error messages are sent to the SCIM server if there are configuration or communication problems.
    • Fixed: The number of group users now shows the correct total.
    • Fixed: The location analysis page no longer gives an error when there are no locations.
    • Fixed: Export drop-down menus have been optimized.
    • Fixed: Images are validated faster.
    • Fixed: Dates are now formatted correctly in Excel exports.

    Client Side

      • Added: A new sidebar menu design has been added for easier navigation in the desktop version.
      • Added: Meeting room capacity is displayed to the user if set.
      • Added: The dot marks in the date selector whether a booking exists on that day now include all overlapping booking types (e.g. home office and work station bookings).
      • Added: Filters are remembered when switching between list and map view.
      • Added: Objects can be filtered on the map according to the entered search criterion.
      • Added: If a booking is changed afterwards, for example by an admin, then the new email booking confirmation will show the person who made the change.
      • Fixed: Date and time formats have been optimized and unified.
      • Fixed: Email notifications for bookings are no longer marked as "optional" by Outlook.