2.21.0 (October 11, 2022)


  • Add: New mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Add: New Microsoft Outlook add-in
  • Add: Users can now save a default time zone in their profiles
  • Add: Multi-day bookings are now marked in lists
  • Fix: Improvements on the Display device screen

Admin Side

  • Add: Extended location statistics
  • Add: Option to enable resource calendar reservation declination for users. This setting is off by default
  • Fix: XLSX imports no longer fail on empty but formatted rows
  • Fix: Home office bookings disappeared from the reservation list when sorting or filtering the list
  • Fix: A failed import of users no longer sends invalid invitations
  • Fix: The object search in the Map editor is no longer case-sensitive

Client Side

  • Add: User filters now support the department and job title fields as well
  • Add: The fast booking now uses the default end time
  • Add: Swipe support for the calendar on mobile
  • Add: Calendar now loads faster when turning pages
  • Fix: Users rarely landed on a 404 page after login. This should not happen anymore