2.27.0 (December 7, 2023)

Please read the news carefully! In this article, we inform you about the changes in the current release.


  • Added: Users now receive a notification when their password is changed.

Admin Side

  • Added: Admins can now view logs of building plans in a new tab alongside the building plans to better track changes.
  • Added: The device overview in settings, including all connected meeting room displays and info screens, can now be sorted and filtered more effectively.
  • Added: Floor plans can be sorted and filtered more effectively.
  • Added: The calculation of statistics has been optimized.
  • Added: The view of admin logs has been optimized.

Client Side

  • Fixed: The flashlight now automatically turns off when exiting the QR code scanner.
  • Fixed: Support for older browsers has been optimized (Chrome >= 74, 2019).