Configure Android Management API for Android Displays (ProDVX)

Put your android-based signage displays into kiosk mode with Android Management API

Note: the digital display for meeting rooms is an option of the paid module Display App. For more information, see the linked article.

To ensure the best possible experience, we recommend using ProDVX displays. Our recommended model is the "APPC-10SLBe," which we have specifically tested for its compatibility with the features of our app.

Kiosk mode is a must-have feature if you want your devices to operate in a secure and stable way. There are several ways to implement a kiosk mode behavior, our choice is Google's official Android Management API. With this API you can easily enforce the device to automatically install, launch and update the Flexopus Device Connect application. We recommend two ways of configuring the API.

Option 1: We do the job for you

Your devices will be provisioned to be part of the Flexopus enterprise. We will schedule a meeting with you and provide you enrollment tokens for each of your devices. You can of course request the deprovisioning of your devices any time.

Option 2: Manual configuration (for advanced users)

The documentation of the API guides you through the setup process of your own enterprise and the provisioning of devices: This article will make you complete the steps detailed in a Google Colaboratory Notebook:

Important note: You will need a personal Google account (@gmail) to complete the process, company email addresses are not allowed.

When submitting the policy, you can start from the following template to install the Device Connect app in kiosk mode:

  "applications": [
      "packageName": "com.flexopus.deviceconnect",
    "installType": "KIOSK",
      "defaultPermissionPolicy": "GRANT",
      "autoUpdateMode": "AUTO_UPDATE_HIGH_PRIORITY"
"keyguardDisabled": true,
  "systemUpdate": {
    "type": "WINDOWED",
    "startMinutes": 120,
    "endMinutes": 240

Feel free to make changes to the policy, you can find the possible values here: