Pair the Android Digital Signage Display with your Flexopus Application

Turn an Android tablet into a display screen for Flexopus!

Note: the digital display for meeting rooms is an option of the paid module Display App. For more information, see the linked article.

To pair the digital signage display with your Flexopus application, you need to install Flexopus on the Display. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Install Flexopus through the Android Management API as described here, In this way the display will be fixed in a remote managed KIOSK mode:

    Configure Android Management API

  2. Install Flexopus manually through PlayStore and use an alternative solution to fix the application into a KIOSK mode. Note that we recommend Option 1 for the installation.
    Flexopus Device Connect. 

We always recommend installing the application through Google PlayStore, in this case the new versions of the APK will update automatically, when we release a new software version.

Configuration after APK installation:

Follow the manufacturer's set-up instructions to get to the start screen of the device.

  1. Grant permission for the "Draw over other apps" and "Edit Settings" authorizations. In this step, you also have the option of using "Skip this screen at startup" to prevent this message from being displayed again at the next startup.

    Device connect app start screen
  2. Based on which type of display you are going to configure, you can find a 9-digit code in the  dashboard.
    Digital Signage Display for Meeting Rooms
    You generate the code in the Flexopus admin area by navigating to the settings of the corresponding object. Select the desired meeting room, switch to the "Extensions" tab and click on the button to create a new 9-digit paring code.

    Meeting Room Board and Presence Display
    For the Meeting Room Board and Presence Display, you can find the pairing code one in the admin area under Settings > Devices. 
  3. Once you connected the display, the authentication will be saved. You can manage the connected displays in the admin area.

Your device is now set up and ready for use.