How do I set up a meeting room board?

Optimise your meeting rooms with the Flexopus Meeting Room Board - The ultimate meeting room management tool.


Note: the conference room board is an option of the chargeable additional module Display App. For more information, see the linked article.

What is a meeting room board?

You can display the occupancy status of conference rooms on a meeting room board. You can link the rooms individually to the display. You can use the display with any browser-enabled TV. Simply follow the instructions below.  

NOTE: If you have set up our Microsoft Exchange Online interface, then Flexopus bookings are synchronised bidirectionally through the MS Graph API and shown on the displays. 

How do I configure a conference room board?


1. Open the administration area of the desksharing software.

2. Go to "Settings" and click on "Devices".

3. Click on the "Create Device" button in the upper right corner.

4. Enter a name for the unit in the pop-up window. For example: " Meeting Room Board 1st Floor".

5. Select "Object availability" as the unit type.

6. The next window displays the following information and selection options:

  • Set the slide interval, i.e. how long each page of the board should be displayed before switching to the next page. Enter the duration in seconds, e.g. 30.
  • Select the duration in seconds for how long the board should be displayed in total.
  • All bookable objects connected to the unit are displayed in the list of connected objects.
  • Click on "Add object" to connect an object to the meeting room board.
  • Select the appropriate building and location where the conference room is located.
  • Select the object from the list of available objects, in this case the meeting room. Several meeting rooms can be displayed on the board.
  • Click on "Save" to save the settings.

7. The pairing code is needed to connect the monitor to the software and display the presence list.

8. Click on the circle arrow button on the right at "Pair device" to generate a pairing code and use the pairing code to connect the monitor to the software. The code is valid for 15 minutes until a new code needs to be generated to pair.

9. At the same time, navigate to the Flexopus login website in the browser on the monitor to be connected and select the link "As display". Then enter the pairing code generated in the admin area.

10. The newly connected monitor will now display the selected meeting room board.

11. If you want to remove the device, click on "Delete device". Note that this cannot be undone.

By following these steps, you can set up monitors in your offices and display status lists of your meeting rooms.