2.22.0 (January 15, 2023)

Please read the news carefully! In this article, we inform you about the changes in the current release.

(1.) Introducing of a new building and floor plan management

We are introducing a new building management. The building management layer is basically a group of floor plans. A building can be used as a group of floor plans in a physical building, or you can assign additional corresponding floor plans like parking garages to a building. As part of the release, floor plans are automatically added to buildings.

Please note: After the release, each user has to select first the building and then the floor plan.

For administrators: The design of the plan management (in the admin area) has been optimized for an easier use. The settings are now in their own tab and the edit box is now on the right side, instead of the left side. The cover image of the building plans is no longer used, instead images can be published at building level.

Note: During the migration, we will logically group the existing plans for you. If you have any change requests here, please send a message to support@flexopus.com.

(2.) Redesigned login screen

The login screen has been redesigned to work better on different screen sizes.

Please note: After the release, each user will see the new login screen.

(3.) New home page for the admin area

A completely new home page for admins has been added for an easier start in the admin area. Furthermore, special features and admin tips are presented on the new home page.

(4.) Improved statistics for admins

The analytics and statistics dashboard has been redesigned and optimized to better reflect the new building management.

From now on, statistics about users can also be evaluated. If you want to use the user statistics, the booking anonymization has to be deactivated completely or the booking anonymization function must be set to at least 90 days. Please comply with your organization's privacy policy at any time and speak with your data protection officer before activating the feature.

Please note: The user statistics are disabled by default.

(5.) Redesigned QR code screens

All screens for the QR code feature have been redesigned for a better user experience. Assigning for admins and scanning QR codes by the users becomes even more intuitive.

(6.) Customizable booking times

Previously, the user could select the start and end times of a booking in 15-minute increments in the booking process. The admin now has the option to change this interval in the global settings. 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes can now be selected.

(7.) Accessible admin application activity audit logs 

Only administrators can now view application audit logs (max. for the last 180 days) in the admin area to better track potential security incidents. If you have enabled the booking anonymization feature, the logs may be available for a shorter period of time - according to your settings. For example, if you have set personal data to be anonymized after 14 days, the linked username will be removed/deleted from the log entries after 14 days, according to your setting. The logs are still kept, but are not linked to personal identifiable information in any way.

(8.) Add vehicles (license plates) to parking spot bookings

There is a new beta feature that allows to specify the license plate number of the vehicle when booking a parking space. The admin can export the license plates in the booking list, for example, to check whether only authorized vehicles are in the parking spaces.

Note:The feature must first be enabled by Flexopus. If you want the module to be enabled for you, then write an informal email to support@flexopus.com.

(9.) Native iOS and Android App

To be able to access Flexopus faster and easier, you can also install the application as a native app on your end device. The admin can disable the possibility to log in on the native app version.

You have to enter your organization's Flexopus URL once after installation, e.g. <organisation>.flexopus.com

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(10.) Microsoft Outlook add-in

With the help of the Flexopus Outlook add-in, the room booking in Outlook is extended by a graphical user interface with a smart search. In the detailed view, floor plans can be viewed directly in Outlook. Furthermore, rooms and other resources are also searchable and filterable with the characteristics defined in Flexopus, e.g. room size or equipment features. Room booking in Outlook has never been easier than with our new Flexopus Outlook add-in.



  • Add: New building management feature to allow grouping of locations (now floor plans)
  • Add: Reservations that are deleted due to a missed check-in are now marked as such
  • Add: Vehicle registration plate support for parking space reservations (feature preview, has to be enabled by support@flexopus.com)
  • Fix: Various minor fixes and improvements

Admin Side

  • Add: New main dashboard site with all important info at a glance
  • Add: Logs of user and system activity are now viewable by administrators
  • Add: New Location Manager Lite role, without any access to other user data (More information: https://help.flexopus.com/en/help-section-for-admins/user-management)
  • Add: New map editor version with magnetic lines, text labels, and more
  • Add: New interface to manage floor plans (previously locations)
  • Add: User-level analytics, which are enabled only when the personal data anonymization feature is disabled or set to at least 90 days.
  • Add: Analytics page improvements, new metrics are available
  • Add: Customizable reservation intervals (10,1 5, 30, 60 minutes)
  • Add: Improved SCIM support
  • Fix: List every connected display, even if the object connected to it has been removed
  • Fix: Some recurring reservation edge cases now synchronize properly from Microsoft Exchange

Client Side

  • Add: New login page design
  • Add: New QR code pages
  • Add: Better camera selection pop-up on mobile
  • Add: More secure CSP settings
  • Add: The minimum Android version requirement for the mobile application is now Android 9 (Pie)
  • Fix: Better map panning
  • Fix: Orientation handler now works in Safari
  • Fix: Display mode now works on more mobile devices