2.25.0 (July 31, 2023)

Please read the news carefully! In this article, we inform you about the changes in the current release.


  • Added: An option for admins to enable a booking summary for the next day has been introduced. Users will receive a booking summary at the specified time in their time zone. Additionally, users can enable or disable the booking summary in their profile settings.

Admin Side

  • Added: The group view and editor have been improved to display associated objects, group admins, and other relevant information.
  • Added: The ability to crop uploaded building images and profile images has been added.
  • Added: General usability enhancements have been made, including improved messages.

Client Side

  • Added: The vehicle selection feature for users during recurring parking space booking creation has been implemented. This feature is relevant only if the admin requires users to associate a vehicle with their booking.
  • Added: Bookings on the live map are now grouped by type, improving visual organization.
  • Fixed: An issue with default time duplication on booking screens has been resolved.