2.26.0 (September 22, 2023)

Please read the news carefully! In this article, we inform you about the changes in the current release.


  • Added: Admins can now pin global broadcast messages through the global settings. This can be used, for instance, to make important internal announcements. The admin has the option to display these messages to the user for a specific duration and determine if these messages can be dismissed.

Admin Side

  • Added: Within the admin area, admins can now edit and check out active bookings for other users without having to delete and recreate the booking.
  • Added: The time zones set by users can be exported and imported. This allows for quickly assigning users to the correct time zone in an international context.
  • Added: In the admin booking area, the global default start and end times are automatically pre-selected during time selection.
  • Added: Admins can generate a public iCal link for each object to, for instance, connect to other services or display bookings of a particular object, such as a meeting room, in a personal calendar.
  • Added: Admins can search for license plates in the booking overview to quickly find associated bookings.

Client Side

  • Added: The performance of the QR code reader has been significantly improved, allowing QR codes to be scanned and processed even faster.
  • Added: Users' booked objects are highlighted in color on the plans.
  • Added: The Tenant-URL is displayed in email notifications, like booking confirmations.
  • Added: If the admin activates the option in the admin area, the user's time zone is automatically set based on the browser. If the user overrides this, the automatic detection no longer applies.
  • Fixed: The "Infinite Scroll" has been optimized in the desktop booking list.
  • Fixed: Entries in the monthly view are now clickable again.