How do I configure a custom domain?

Flexopus offers the use of an individual domain as an additional module

Note: The custom domain is an additional option that must be activated by Flexopus Support. Please contact us in advance at, before proceeding with the setup.  

Setting up the individual domain

To set up the individual domain, e.g., a CNAME record must be set up for the new desired domain, which points to IN CNAME

Everything else will be taken care of by Flexopus. Please let us know the desired date of the changeover. After your support request, we will contact you as soon as the setup has been completed.

Note: Your former domain will no longer be accessible once your new individual URL has been activated.

If you have already introduced Flexopus with the Flexopus subdomain, we will be happy to set up a redirect for you on request to make the changeover easier for users.