Google Calendar (Synchronize Working Location)

Synchronize bookings from Flexopus as "work location appointments" directly in Google Calendar, including building, floor and object name.

How does the interface work?

The work location of Flexopus bookings can be synchronized with the personal Google calendar so that other colleagues can also view work locations directly via the Google calendar, for example. As soon as a booking is created in Flexopus, it is added to Google Calendar as a work location appointment. We offer two options here: either the exact start and end time or the longest booking is created as an all-day work location appointment.

How can I activate the interface?

In the first step, add a new client ID in Google Workspace. Navigate to the administration area in Flexopus. Click on "Settings" and then select "Integrations". Copy the client ID and scope from Flexopus and add them in Google Workspace under "Security > Access and data control > API control > Domain-wide delegation".

What is domain-wide delegation?

Google's domain-wide delegation is a powerful feature that allows apps like Flexopus to access data across your organization's Google Workspace environment. For more information on domain-wide delegation, see Google's documentation.

Flexopus offers two configuration options after successful connection:

  1. Detailed synchronization of work locations
    Flexopus creates work location appointments in your personal Google calendar with exact start and end times.
  2. Simplified synchronization of work locations
    Flexopus creates all-day work location appointments in your personal Google calendar. If several bookings are made on one day, the longest booking has priority.

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