Google Workspace (Synchronize Google Groups)

Synchronize Google Groups with Flexopus to reuse the groups within Flexopus.

How does the interface work?

Synchronize specific Google Groups with Flexopus using the Google Directory API with domain-wide delegation. First, set up the integration in Google Workspace Admin using the instructions below.

What is domain-wide delegation?

 Google's domain-wide delegation is a powerful feature that allows apps like Flexopus to access data across your organization's Google Workspace environment. For more information on domain-wide delegation, see Google's documentation.

How can I activate the interface?

(1.) Add authorization in Google Workspace

In the first step, add a new client ID in Google Workspace. Navigate to the administration area in Flexopus. Click on "Settings" and then select "Integrations". Copy the client ID and scope from Flexopus and add them in Google Workspace under "Security > Access and data control > API control > Domain-wide delegation". Then add an administrator email address from Google Workspace and save the settings.

(2.) Test and synchronize connection

The interface can be checked by clicking on the "Test connection" button. If the test is successful, a success message is displayed.

(3.) Add external groups

To synchronize the groups, these groups must be added once using the "External groups" button. This step is important as not all groups from Google are synchronized automatically for data protection reasons.

(4.) Optional - Create missing group members

You also have the option of automatically creating group members who are included in groups but do not yet have a Flexopus account.

(5.) Optional – Synchronize data manually

The data is synchronized regularly. This process can be started manually using the manual synchronization button.

How can the interface be disconnected?

By clicking on "Disconnect" in Flexopus, the synchronized groups are no longer updated. This also disconnects the connected groups and converts them to internal groups.