Webex Application

In this article, you will learn how Flexopus can be integrated into Webex as an app.

Install Flexopus as a Webex app

The Flexopus Webex app is currently still in the beta test phase. Before a company-wide rollout, we recommend internal and extensive testing. Please send any suggestions for improvement directly to support@flexopus.com.


Open the App Hub in Webex by clicking on "More" in the navigation bar on the left and then on "App Hub". Search for the  Flexopus application. Click on the button at the top right to add the app.

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Once you have successfully added the app, you will find it in the navigation bar on the left. You can now open the app and connect to your Flexopus account. To do this, enter your Flexopus company URL, for example "my-company.flexopus.com", and then log in with your Flexopus access data.

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