How does the check-in or check-out of my booking work?

With the check-in you confirm that you have perceived your booking. Use the check-out if you release the resource earlier than planned.

Meeting cancelled, car in the workshop or suddenly in bed with a cold? - Plans can change, with Flexopus you stay flexible. So that a resource is not blocked unnecessarily, Flexopus offers the possibility of the so-called check-in. As soon as you arrive at your booked workstation, parking space or meeting room, you check in and confirm that you need the booked resource. If a user does not show up at the start time of his or her booking and does not perform a check-in, the booking expires and the resource is available again.*


For the check-in, open the Flexopus application on the corresponding working day as soon as you arrive at the workplace, go to "Bookings" and execute the check-in by clicking on the checkmark symbol.**

If your company has QR codes attached to the objects, then you can also scan the QR code for the check-in.


Should you leave your workplace earlier, you can end your booking by clicking on the "Check-Out" button and thus release your seat again.

In the profile settings, you can specify whether you want to receive check-in reminders. If you enable it, you will receive a check-in reminder as soon as your booking starts.

*Note: Whether a check-in is necessary in addition to the booking depends on the requirements of your company. Please contact your company administrator if you have any questions.

**Note: A check-in is possible a certain time before and after the start of the booking, depending on the company's settings. Therefore, a small delay will not immediately cause you to lose your booked workstation.