How do I set up the QR codes?

Learn how to set up the QR codes with just a few steps.

Read in this article how to make the 

First connection

  1. As the administrator, first attach all QR code stickers to the respective tables.
  2. Then launch the Flexopus app on your smartphone and open the live plan.
  3. Tap on a workstation.
  4. As an administrator, the 'Assign QR code' option is available here.
  5. Allow Flexopus access to your camera when prompted.
  6.  Scan the QR code you want.
  7. After successful linking you will receive a confirmation.

Note: If an already assigned QR code is scanned, then the old assignment is cancelled and a new one is created.

Delete QR code connection

In the backend you have the possibility to remove QR codes again or to check their correctness.

  1. Open the building plan management in the admin area.
  2. Select the desired building plan and workstation.
  3. Navigate to the QR Code section.
  4. You can see the unique ID of your QR code here and check or remove it. 


  • iOS supports the use of the camera function only from iOS 14.3. If you use an older version of iOS, you need to update it or use another device with which you can set up the QR codes.
  • For Android devices with multiple cameras, do not select a wide-angle lens, otherwise the QR codes will not be recognised correctly.