How can I temporarily block objects?

This way you can temporarily block objects in just a few steps.

From time to time it happens that individual rooms or floors have to be closed for a short period of time for an event or other occasion. Therefore, use the following mechanism for this purpose:

To temporarily block workstations, meeting rooms or parking spaces for a period of time, we recommend "booking them away", i. in other words, as an admin or location manager, create a new booking (or a recurring booking for several days) for the workstations concerned in the admin area.

For example, select the user or for this purpose. Alternatively, you can also create and use your own guest accounts for this. Then define the desired period for which the desired objects are to be deactivated.

In the next step, select the desired floor plan and then one or more objects that are to be locked.

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If the check-in function is activated, the bookings should be created as automatically checked in, i.e. the toggle button "Check in immediately" should be activated.

Click on "Book" to complete the process.

Tip: Also check beforehand whether other colleagues have already booked seats on the day. You may then have to rebook them or inform them accordingly.

What is the difference to the permanent blocking of objects?

The location manager or admin can also mark an object completely as "not available" via the location. However, this is not expedient in the current use case, as the space can no longer be booked from the time it is blocked. This function should be used if properties are to be permanently unavailable to users due to distancing regulations, for example.