Which user roles exist?

Administrators can assign different user roles in the admin area.

The following roles and rights can be assigned to a user in Flexopus:

  • User
    All users have this role by default.
    No access to the admin area. 
  • Group Manager
    Bookings can be created for the assigned groups.
    Limited access to the admin area. 
  • Location Manager Light
    Management of an assigned Plan without booking permissions.
    Limited access to the admin area. 
  • Location Manager
    Management of an assigned Plan with booking permissions.
    Limited access to the admin area. 
  • Administrator
    Unlimited access to the admin area to make configurations.

Note: User roles can only be assigned by an administrator. Navigate to Users → All Users (choose a particular user) → Edit User → Administrative Rights. These settings are not available for Group Manager and Location Manager for security reasons. 


Employees look for the suitably equipped workstation, meeting room or parking space and book it individually for themselves. Normal users have no access to the Flexopus admin area. No changes can be made in the data of others. All users have this role by default.

Group Manager

The Group Manager is suitable for department or team managers, for example. The Group Manager either has access to all people in all user groups or, alternatively, you can restrict the Group Manager to only specific user groups.

This role grants the following permissions:

  • Bookings of users in the assigned user groups can be created, viewed and/or deleted.
  • User data of the assigned users can be edited (Name, Department etc.). No assignment of user roles or changes to the user groups. Group managers can not invite or delete users.
  • When assigning the "all" user group, all users and all bookings can be managed.
  • No access to the building plans, analytics and to the global settings in the admin area.

Location Manager Light

The Location Manager Light manages the data of the assigned plans. In addition, he can make bookings for other people and has insight into the analysis dashboard. The Location Manager either has access to all locations or you can restrict the Location Manager to only specific locations. The Location Manager Light has the following rights:

  • Manage assigned plans with all capabilities. (Without deletion and creation of new locations)
  • No access to the user management and to the global settings in the admin area.
  • NO access to the user manageemnt.

Tip: You can also combine the user roles Location Manager / Location Manager Light and Group Manager roles.

Location Manager

The Location Manager has the same permissions as the Location Manager Light and additionally the role can ...

  • ... make, view and delete bookings for assigned plans. New bookings can be created for all users. Managing existing bookings is only possible for the corresponding plans. The bookings can also be exported.
  • ... access the analysis dashboard for the corresponding plans in the admin area.


The administrator defines basic system settings and manages the bookable objects, users and bookings. In addition, he has all manager rights. Basically, the administrator has unlimited permissions in the application. In addition, you can activate or deactivate whether the administrator may also create additional administrators (= super administrator).

  • Assignment of user roles for other users.
  • Access to the global settings.
  • Manage all bookings.
  • Manage all user data.
  • Manage all locations.