2.0.0 (November, 2020)

  • Initial release of Flexopus Version 2 including the client side and the admin side function to provide all Version 1 functionalities with improved usability and style

  • Introduce tenant based software architecture with separated databases for every client

Client Side

  • Improve Booking workflow (single days). location > time picker -> location selection -> booking

  • Add search for users and bookable objects

  • Add User and bookable detail screens

  • Add User settings (avatar / name / function / department / about me)

  • Responsive design (mobile / tablet / PC)

Admin Side

  • Location management: Name / SVG map with detailed SVG object handling (tags / description / names / status - free/blocked)

  • User management: Add new users / Edit existing users, List all users, grand app and admin rights

  • Booking management: All bookings in a interactive list table, assign booking to a specific user without restrictions

  • App settings: Add Logo, Company working hours