2.3.0 (February, 2021)

  • Add custom domain hosting for instances. Instances can be hosted on any domain not just Flexopus subdomains.
  • Fix "Save as Desktop App" feature.
  • Add status page: https://status.flexopus.com/

Client Side

  • Add booking editing function for existing bookings
  • Add colored tags for bookable results
  • Add number of bookables for settings/groups tables
  • Add empty results messages
  • Improve stability and usability of bookings
  • Improve map positioning for the "Show on Map" feature
  • Improve UI & Usability
  • Fix header jiggling on mobile resolution
  • Fix minor bugs

Admin Side

  • Add SVG map update for locations (only handles new bookable merge)
  • Add FAQ questions for better support
  • Add release notes for admin users
  • Add language selector
  • Add german, russian, french, hungarian, romanian and turkish translations
  • Add CSV export for filtered bookings on the booking page
  • Add show password feature
  • Add meeting room size input for meeting rooms
  • Improve UI & Usability
  • Fix minor bugs and improve stablility