2.5.0 (April, 2021)


  • Added: Email addresses of new users are now verified correctly with an email. The status is displayed in the status column in the user overview (active, unverified, disabled).
  • Fixed: The "Ghost User" used for statistics is now excluded from all search results.
  • Fixed: Regression where range-booking different times on the same range is not possible

Admin Side

  • Added: There is a new user role "Location Manager". Users can use this role to manage locations, view statistics and bookings of this location.
  • Added: A global timezone setting is added. Changing this, is currently disabled. The default timezone is "Europe/Berlin".
  • Added: When filtering bookings by bookables, show location for every bookable in the dropdown
  • Added: We now keep track of the client version for each user
  • Fixed: Highlight time fields in settings while editing
  • Fixed: Improve support for large maps
  • Fixed: Bookings show time correctly as 00:00 instead of 24:00
  • Fixed: Booking timezone will now default to the tenant global setting
  • Fixed: Bookings from the start to the end of the working hours are now possible
  • Fixed: Booking table filtering.

Client Side

  • Added: In addition to the list view of the bookings, there is now also a new calendar view for a better overview of the bookings.
  • Added: The booking location name is now visible in listings.
  • Added: Users can disable check-in notification emails in their profile settings.
  • Added: Installed Flexopus apps as PWAs now show a notification when there are new updates.
  • Added: Client version is now shown to the user under the profile settings page
  • Fixed: Blocked parking spots are now visible on the map.
  • Fixed: The date picker in the mobile version is now consistent with the desktop version.
  • Fixed: The live map now correctly displays bookings in the future.
  • Fixed: Optimize request data for better performance
  • Fixed: SSO regression
  • Fixed: Bookings passing UTC midnight can no longer overlap with other bookings
  • Fixed: Search bookable tags are now displayed properly