2.6.0 (May, 2021)


  • Added: Assign QR codes to bookables
  • Added: Quick book option via QR codes
  • Added: Get live information about bookables via QR codes
  • Added: Google SSO support
  • Added: Save check-in time for bookings
  • Fixed: Various styling issues, minor usability improvements

Admin Side

  • Added: Publish/unpublish locations
  • Added: Better booking search by date
  • Added: Sort bookings by any column
  • Added: Show location for bookables in the search-by-bookable drop-down
  • Added: User import can now update existing users on demand
  • Added: Support groups in user import
  • Added: User import can now handle multiple formats: CSV, ODS, XLSX, XLS
  • Added: Booking exports now contain check-in and check-out times when available
  • Added: Dashboard booking list now shows check-in time when available
  • Added: Booking multiple bookables in one action is now possible for administrators

Client Side

  • Added: Automated time selection for easier booking
  • Added: Show progress as steps for the booking process
  • Added: Possible to search for bookables by tags
  • Added: New search layout
  • Added: Show checked-in icon for bookings
  • Added: Profile picture cropping
  • Added: PWA loading screen and various PWA improvements
  • Added: Search bookables on maps by tags
  • Fixed: Saving the user profile two times in a row is allowed without providing the password
  • Fixed: Search now handles multiple objects with the same name
  • Fixed: QR code scan now handles blocked bookables in a better way