Which version of Flexopus do I use?

Support cases can often be traced back to the use of outdated software versions. Please make sure that you are always up to date.

You can always check the current version number of Flexopus in the changelog.

You can check the version number you are currently using as follows:

Web application

You can find the version number in your user profile on the left side. Usually, the application updates itself automatically during use. In individual cases, however, it may happen that an older version of the application has been saved in the browser cache.

Use the following key combination to update the application:

  • MAC
    CMD + SHIFT + R
  • Windows / Linux
    ALT + SHIFT + R

Mobile application (iOS / Android / PWA)

You can find the version number in your user profile by scrolling all the way down. The mobile applications do not always update automatically!

  • Android App / iOS App
    You can disable the automatic updates and / or limit them to a Wi-Fi connection. Activate automatic updates in your operating system settings or update Flexopus manually on a regular basis.
  • Progressive Web application (PWA)
    Apps installed as PWA are always updated automatically. An update is performed in the background. You can install PWAs as follows: