Where can I find my bookings and how can I manage them?

Learn more about managing your bookings.

In the Flexopus menu on the left side within the application under "Bookings" you get an overview of your personal bookings and can manage them.

Booking overview

Bookings are divided into different tabs according to the type of booking (workstation, meeting room, parking lot). Serial bookings are displayed as single items. By clicking on the location icon, you can view the location of your bookings on the map. With a click on the trash icon you can delete your booking.

Check-In and Check-Out

With a click on the checkmark icon you can check-in or check-out. This element is only displayed shortly before/after the start time of the booking and must be activated by the admin in the company settings.

Edit booking

If you want to edit your booking, for example to adjust the start time of your booking, click on the list entry of the booking to open the edit menu.  

Calendar view

The calendar view allows you to switch from the list view to the calendar to get an overview of your booked resources. The different resources are divided by color.