2.7.0 (June, 2021)


  • Added: New sidebar
  • Added: Design improvements, better readability
  • Fixed: Better loading times on mobile
  • Fixed: Various styling issues, minor usability improvements

Admin Side

  • Added: Better support for mobile devices and small screens
  • Added: Creating locations now require adding a map right away
  • Added: Company logos in the SVG format are now supported
  • Fixed: Notifications now appear only once when deleting or creating a booking

Client Side

  • Added: User list on maps: See a list of users who have bookings on the current map
  • Added: It is now possible to close the bookable list on maps to get a better view
  • Added: Serve fonts from the Flexopus server, eliminating the last external dependency
  • Added: Users now see that a table is occupied even when they do not have permission to book it
  • Added: Application shortcuts in PWA mode in browsers supporting the feature
  • Added: See correct metadata when sending Flexopus links in messaging apps supporting the feature
  • Added: QR code scanner now has a better camera selector
  • Added: QR code scanner remembers last selected camera
  • Added: Better legend and more distinct colors on maps
  • Fixed: Location overview now has the correct bookable numbers every time
  • Fixed: When booking, the location overview shows a location only if it has an available bookable
  • Fixed: The map no longer crashes on language changes
  • Fixed: The back arrow on the map view now works even when there is only one location
  • Fixed: Scanning a QR code when you have a booking at a different table does not break the user flow